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21/22/23 January 2016 in TTTT (Starts every day at 18h00)

These Things Take Time is pleased to announce the first Annual Contemporary Performance Assembly. While in the past years TTTT has placed a strong emphasis on spatial interventions and the object, we now shift our attention to the body in space. The ACPA functions as a platform for both national and international emerging performance artists to assemble and bring together different approaches to the discipline. Within the confined contours of a shared space, the Assembly encourages a more intimate encounter between public and artists. Please join us for an immersive year-opener!

Imaginary Game Soundtrack Album_Tour

How would an imaginary game soundtrack sound?
During the Imaginary Game Soundtrack artists give their musical answer to the question: How would an imaginary game soundtrack sound? The album is presented live during the Imaginary Game Soundtrack Tour.

Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert (BE) en Koenraad Vandersyppe (BE) - COW SONG (4:53)
The After Lucy Experiment - GAME OVER (2:38)
Sara van Woerden (NL) - ODE (2:46)
Marguerite van Sandick (NL) - EEN SPEL MET POTENTIEEL (1:57 soundtrack) / 10min performance
Reinaart Vanhoe (BE) - HOOOG ZINGEN (1:57 soundtrack) = interactive installation (whole event)
Lieven Segers (BE) - EFFE WACHTEN (1:57 loop)
Sarah&Charles (BE) - GRUNTING MELODY (2:31)
Geo Wyeth (US) - SPARKWHINNY the game (3:21)
DJ Dwarslaesie Johan (aka Frank Koolen) featuring UMGEBUNG (Isis Bakker & Roy Vastenburg) - TURBO GOAT (3:34)

FRIDAY 22_01: DAY 2
19:00: Mischa Doorenweerd (NL)
20:00: CMMC (BE)
21:00: Siet Rae (BE)

19:00: Elisabeth Van Dam (BE)
20:00: buren (BE)


Mischa Doorenweerd (NL)
dusty desert
sunshine = love
the best thing to do with your last money is to either buy scratch cards or fireworks
flying is a matter of lifting off
fresh As eating a perfect green apple showering under a waterfall
contemporary magic

‘These Things Take Time’, 00:30
CM MC is a co-operation between writers/visual artists Céline Mathieu (°1989, Belgium) and Myrthe Christianne van der Mark (°1989, The Netherlands). Their practice focuses on performance, yet they try to prolong it’s fleeting character by translating it into another medium. In that way, the mainly textual pieces remain present in the exhibition space. These “translations” vary from video to printed matter.
CMMC performance duo bring text to life in exhibition context. In synchronic motion, a representation of a
representation of life, unfolds itself. Dry theory meets witty metaphors and cynical seriousness. CMMC construct reasoning, collage meaning and question knowledge. Often using found footage compiled into a self-inflated “Neo Logic”.

Siet Rae (BE)
video performances:Behind The Beholder '6.44min
Monthelonian Ritual '12.50min
Mercury Dragomen '5.55min
Siet Rae (BE, °1989) graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2012 and since then has been active both as organizer and performer in mainly underground circles for experimental music and performance (like Toestand, Echnum, Nest, Renold...). It's the independent and self-organized way that stands with her ideology about the possible recreation of one's own reality, bypassing the controlling interference of the bigger structures. At the moment she lives in the abundant green environment of the south of Chile, intrigued by the ways of it's past indigenous cultures, exploring alternative ways of interacting with what our minds consider reality, dedicated to Nonlocal Society.
Her outcomes lie on the intersection of dance-sound-film, always by use of personal means like her webcam, her living room, her vacation spot, her friends, herself and mundane materials (glass, wire, light, water...). With these at-first-hand materials and subjects she evokes scenes and scenarios that transform the banal into immersive femenine rites. Siet operates from the believe that all we consider 'real' is virtual (meaning mental) and she tries to expose this by representing the sub-natural, the magical and the cybernetic in fictions of information and mystery.

Elisabeth Van Dam (BE)
(°1986) is a Belgian dancer, sculptor and doctor in philosophy who trained at Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Ghent and Ghent University. She makes dance performances, sculptures, installations, drawings, music and video work as well as contemporary Gesamtkunstwerke. She also writes idiosyncratic texts that are at the same time literary, poetical, philosophical, comical, theatrical and historiographical. Her own sculpted body is her tool and brain. From a sensual female gaze Elisabeth creates a personal mythology: a ritual landscape between heaven and earth that is both primitive and complex, erotic yet comical, familiar yet strange. Her extravagant worlds are filled with colour, marvel, wonder, excitement, pathos and love.
Wuthering is Elisabeth’s new solo dance work, seeking to explore the brutality and primitive passion of the Gothic love story between Heathcliff and Catherine as portrayed in the famous novel Wuthering Heights (1847). It’s author, the young loner Emily Brontë, was criticized to have written a ‘repulsive’ book filled with ‘unnatural horrors’ and ‘savage rudeness’. In Wuthering, like Emily and her literary creatures, Elisabeth goes for a rediscovery of her own female body and its relations to women’s capacity to be wild, bold and ‘wuthering’, both in their physical strength as in their imaginary power. She uses her sculpted limbs and sturdy muscles as the explicit metaphors for women’s implicit or hidden forces, stressing the dissolving boundaries between female and male, nature and man, the inner yearnings of two lovers, Catherine and Heathcliff.
Elisabeth’s performance is an experimental set-up for a larger dance work. Duration: 15 minutes.
Music: Laurens Marien (Soldier’s Heart). Vocals: Elisabeth Van Dam and Laurens Marien

buren (BE) - 'Have you rearranged the flowers?' 00:30
'buren' is a collaborative project of Oshin Albrecht (°1986) and Melissa Mabesoone (°1988).
The term ‘buren’ was found in Heideggers' 'Building, Dwelling, Thinking' in which ‘buren’ falls together with building and living. What does it mean to nest oneself, to keep a household? In our individual practices, making work happens in negotiation with the space. The space becomes 'our own', while at the same time, it can never be.
In the process of work and discussion a shared practice came about, where buren functions as a noun and as a verb. Together we research, amongst others, subconscious sensations and desires (of our work and life), ways of dealing with commodity and property, the promise of happiness and a unique identity.
In the performance 'buren' that originated from this research, we combine installation, video and performance. The videos portray women doing certain gestures that stem from daily activities. They reflect on how women are depicted in art history, contemporary art and in our society. The performance is a combination of tutorials, house tours, advertisement, etiquette and games, all with a great deal of care. The result is an installation that refers to domestic architecture, a constantly changing scene in which videos are shown and where the scenography is a performance.
In buren we juggle with the role of the spectator and of the visitor. He becomes aware of his presence because of the direct and indirect interaction with the performers. Through text we use the visitor's imagination to enter new spaces and create a different glance on the installed space again and again. (www.burencollective.com)

(Initiative made possible with the help of Mondriaan Fonds, Z33, TTTT and everyone who volunteered)

tttt@thesethingstaketime.be / Nederkouter 36 - 9000 Ghent / +32 474 75 82 74